Business Development Mergers & Acquisitions Legal and Regulatory Consulting

Our market expertise enables us to see the changes of the success drivers of the energy sector  and to assess how the industry will evolve over time, including the trends in the M&A deal flow. We advise and assist clients through the necessary stages:


Identifying, assessing and evaluating of potential opportunities and buyers, facilitating introductions

Every economic downturn brings along challenges and opportunities, which entails changes of interests, repositioning of the main actors, divestiture and also concentration of the market. And when combined with a raising interest in any potential recoverable resources or new discoveries of conventional energy, we are the witnesses of an interesting mix of energy businesses. 
Due diligence, legal document drafting, strategy and support in negotiations, closing the deal in coordination with the counter party lawyers and accountants

Our comprehensive knowledge and experience of how the local market works makes us valuable advisors in preparing very carefully the plan for negotiations, options and alternatives, understand cultural particularities and mentalities, find the right synergies and have access to the necessary skill set in order to be able to efficiently tackle all the issues arising in a lengthy and complex negotiation.
Our goal is to help our clients create or capture value from the market, find a great opportunity at the correct price, avoiding "the winner's curse", or realizing a successful exit strategy at the right time.